Nikolay Veraksa

Prof. Dr. Nikolay (Evgen'evich) Veraksa


Place and date of birth: 19.12.1946, Bryansk, Russia


Language Сompetence: English, Spanish


H-index – 11 (google scholar)



1968-1973: M.A. (Developmental and Educational Psychology), Faculty of Psychology, Lomonosov Moscow State University

1977: PhD in Psychology (Developmental and Educational Psychology), Moscow State Pedagogical University

1991: Dr.Sc. (Developmental and Educational Psychology). “Origin and development of preschool children’s dialectic cognition”.


Professional Experience:

1968 – 1980 – Senior researcher, Institute of Preschool Education (Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of USSR)

1980 – 1992 – Docent, Moscow State Pedagogical University

1992 – 2010 – Professor, Moscow State Pedagogical University

1995 – recently – Co-director of 12 projects of Moscow City Department of Education

1995 – recently -  Director of 5 national projects in preschool education

1998  - 2011 - Head of Department of Psychology and Pedagogical Abilities in Research Institute of Preschool Education (Russian Academy of Education).

2003 – recently - Head of Russian Psychological Society’s structure-dialectical developmental psychology section.

2004 – 2009 - Head of Moscow City University of Psychology and Education Social Psychology Faculty’s Department of Social Developmental Psychology.

2009 – 2011 - Dean of Preschool Pedagogy and Psychology Faculty of Moscow City Teacher’s Training University.

2012 – recently – Dean of Psychology of Education Faculty, Russian State University for the Humanities.

2009 – recently scientific advisor of Research centre for early years education and care (UNESCO, Moscow City Department of Education)


Main Research/ Teaching Interests

  • Developmental Psychology
  • Educational Psychology
  • Methodology of Psychology
  • Dialectical Thinking
  • Social Developmental Psychology


Courses of Lectures, Seminars, Workshops

Development of Dialectical Thinking

General Abilities of the Child

Methodology of Preschool Education

Development of Giftedness in Preschool Age

Social Development of the Child

Individual Differences in Cognitive Development during Preschool Age


Invited Addresses and Lectures (recent):

Invited Speaker 14th International Conference on Thinking (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 2009)

Invited Speaker First World UNESCO Conference on Early Childhood Care and Education (Moscow, Russia, 2010)

Invited Lecture Philosophy for Children (UNESCO - Lomonosov Moscow State University) (Moscow, Russia)

Invited Lectures, University of San Luis Potosi (San Luis Potosi, Mexico, 2010)

Invited Lectures, University of Central Arkansas (Little Rock, USA, 2010)

Invited Speaker ISCAR Congress (Rome, Italy, 2011)

Invited Speaker 15th International Conference on Thinking (Belfast, UK, 2011)

Invited Lectures, Krakow University (Krakow, Poland, 2011)

Invited Lecture, Embassy of Russia (Prague, Check Republic, 2011)

Invited Speaker Estoril Vigotsky Conference (Lisbon, Portugal, 2012)


Editorial Boards

2007 – recently – editor-in-chief “Preschool Education Today. Theory and Practice”

2006 – recently - member of the editorial board “North Scientific Journal”

2000 – recently – member of the editorial board “Changes”

2003 – recently - member of the editorial board “Russian State for the Humanities Herald. Psychology.”

2012 – recently – member of the editorial board “European Early Childhood Education Research Journal”


Recent Publications:

Veraksa N.E. Pensamiento dialectico y creatividad// Eclecta. Revista de Psicologia General. - Vol.5, №11. - 2007. - P.7-14.

Veraksa N.E. Methodological issues in psychology (A textbook for students (recommended by Psychology Council of Russian Educational and Methodical Association for Traditional University Education in Russian Federation) Academy. Moscow, 2008. (in Russian)

Veraksa N. Structural approach to dialectic cognition// Psychology in Russia: State of the Art.– Moscow, Moscow State University Press, 2010, 227-239.

Veraksa N. Development of cognitive capacities in preschool age// International Journal of Early Years Education. – 2011. - 1. – PP.79-88.

Veraksa N., van Oers B. Early childhood education from a Russian perspective// International Journal of Early Years Education. – 2011. - 1. – PP.5-18

Esteban, Dolya & Veraksa Key to Learning. A neo-vygotskian program for children aged 3-7// Revista de Psicologia y Educacion. – 2011. – Volume 11. - №2.

Veraksa N. Lev Vygostky methodology // Peritia. Revista Portuguesa de Psicologia. – 2012. - 12. – PP.48-62

Veraksa N., Belolutskaya A., Vorobyeva I., Krasheninnikov E., Rachkova E., Shiyan I., Shiyan O. Structural dialectical approach in psychology: problems and research results.// Psychology in Russia: State of the Art, 2013, 6, 2, 65-77

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