ShanghAI Lectures


     ShanghAI Lectures on the artificial intelligence problems (AI) have been taking place in RSUH since 2010. The lections are video conferences broadcasted by the universities from all over the world:  the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at the Charles III University of Madrid (Spain), School of Advanced Studies of Pisa (Italy), University of Zurich (Switzerland), Humboldt University (Germany). The lectures are given by prof. Rolf Pfeifer and his guest lecturers.

 RSUH is the only Russian university participating in this project.

     The lectures take place in fall semester. Anyone who is interested in artificial intelligence can participate. Those who are interested in such disciplines as artificial intelligence, computer science, psychology, linguistics, philosophy are especially welcomed. Exclusive requirement for participants is English proficiency (lectures are broadcasted in English without interpretation). 

     In addition to watching/listening to the lectures the project provides students with the opportunity to actively participate in discussions and exercises in the robot simulator Webots as part of an international team of students.

     The subject of the lectures (artificial and natural intelligence) will be discussed from the perspective of the idea of so-called “embodied intelligence”, which represents intelligence as a result of the interaction of brain and body with the environment. 

The course highlights:

• How to study intelligence? 

• Natural intelligence vs. artificial intelligence 

• Classic approaches to cognitive science, and the problems associated with them 

• Theoretical grounds of the "intelligence embodiment" idea 

• The principles of intelligent systems’ creation in different time scales • Research and development, artificial evolution and morphogenesis 

• The principles of collective intelligence 

• Modular robotics 

• Basic "embodied intelligence" principles applied to global processing, business, human memory and robots in everyday life.  

     At the end of the course the successful participants will receive certificates. For postgraduate students, successful participation in this course counts as credit in English, which is required for qualifying examinations for the Candidate degree. 

     Project Coordinator from RSUH is Vera Zabotkina (Director of the Centre for Cognitive Programs and Technologies), moderators are Marina Amelina (records manager of Centre for Cognitive Programs and Technologies) and Tatiana Volkova (Ph.D. candidate, programmer and teacher of the Centre for Intellectual Robotics). Technical support of the project is provided by the Department of communication and technical support of the educational process and activities, headed by Marina Andrianova.  

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