RFBR Project "Cognitive analysis of word semantics: computer-corpus approach"

     The project "Cognitive analysis of word semantics: computer-corpus approach" was supported by RFBR (Russian Foundation for Basic Resarch) as a winner of the competition of initiative research projects in 2011. The core of the project is the research in the field of cognitive linguistics based on computer-corpus data. The purpose of the project is the development of new methods of word cognitive analysis and the further development of existing methods, therefore the creation of common methodology of cognitive analysis based on computer-corpus approach.

The main objectives of the project are the following:

  • To identify cognitive structures correlated with the semantics of the noun (also within the framework of cognitive and semiotic analysis);
  • To continue development of conceptual analysis methods, in particular the combination of conceptual analysis, developed in cognitive-discursive paradigm, with qualia-structures method and identification and contextual inference description method;
  • In the cognitive word building: to develop methods of cognitive analysis on prefixal-suffixal morphemes level (morphocognitive analysis) in Russian and English, and to further develop the derived words compositional semantics theory;
  • To study propositional structures as conceptual, underpinning derived words semantics and determining the basic categorical and identifying parameters of cognitive structure, which stands behind the word;
  • To develop methods of polysemantic nouns categorization from a perspective of conceptual and cognitive analysis;
  • To develop cognitive analysis methods which describe processes, leading to semantic changes in polysemantic word;
  • Models construction of conceptual integration as a method of modeling the formation and changing of the word semantics;
  • To study noun on the crossroads of cognition and communication and to identify cognitive conditions and limitations of its use;
  • To study noun semantics in Russian and English languages with the method of cognitive lingvocultural description.

     The objectives to study cognitive structures correlated with the semantics of the word in languages with different systems (Russian and English) characterize the project as an interdisciplinary one, affecting the scope of such cognitive sciences as psychology, philosophy, semiotics. The results of the project can be used not only in linguistics, but also in the information processes research, computer modeling and corpus linguistics methods.


     October 24, 2011: within the framework of the project the round-table discussion "The cognitive analysis of word semantics" took place.


     November 26, 2012: within the framework of the project the round-table discussion "Computer-corpus methods in verbal and non-verbal communication studies" was held.

The summary of the papers prepared at the first stage (2011)

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