Russian-British conference

     The Russian-British conference on the legacy of the English mathematician and philosopher John Stuart Mill took place on June 15-17, 2011 at RSUH. The conference was dedicated to the scholar’s 205th anniversary. It was focused on J.S. Mill’s ideas and their impact on the research in the areas of reasoning theory, logic and the methodology of social sciences and problems of artificial intelligence.

The conference addressed the following issues:

·         Modern formalizations of J. S. Mill's inductive methods through the means of many-valued logics;

·         The use of formalized versions of J. S. Mill's inductive methods in artificial intelligence systems (JSM-type intelligent systems);

·         J. S. Mill's ideas about the synthesis of cognitive procedures: induction, deduction and analogy (along with the interaction between induction and abduction), as well as their role in scientific theory formation;

·         J. S. Mill, C. S. Peirce and K. R. Popper on the logic of scientific discovery;

·         The logic and methodology of social sciences, discovery of empirical laws and tendencies in the natural sciences, sociology, psychology and history;

·         J. S. Mill's ideas on the natural language analysis;

·         New areas of research based on the J. S. Mill's ideas (evidence-based medicine, cognitive sociology, cognitive forensic science, cognitive history, intelligent robots).

     Researchers of J. S. Mill's works and specialists in cognitive science, logic and artificial intelligence participated in the conference. The key Russian experts in the field of logic and artificial intelligence presented the results of their research and demonstrated the JSM-type intelligent systems.

     Prof. David Miller (University of Warwick, UK) who was the last Karl Popper’s secretary and Prof. Tamás Gergely (Applied Logic Laboratory, Budapest) were the special guests of the meeting. 

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