The Monograph "Word and Meaning" by Prof., Dr. Vera Zabotkina came out

     In January 2013 the publishing house of Russian State University for the Humanities published a monograph by Vera Zabotkina "Word and Meaning". The book includes Vera Zabotkina's articles, written in different periods of her research career. The author offers the concept, which explains interrelation and interactivity of semantic, pragmatic and cognitive aspects of generating a new word. From the standpoint of cognitive linguistics main tendencies of interactivity between conventionality and creativity in the lexicon are considered. She also develops the idea of constant changes in conceptual and language worldview of modern English-speaking society. 

     The book is addressed to philologists, linguists, English teachers, translators, as well to all those, who are interested in tendencies of vocabulary structure development in modern English.

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