ShanghAI Lectures 2014: results and outcomes

The project "ShanghAI Lectures'14" held in RSUH in October-December 2014 has been finished. More than 20 students from Division for Intelligent Systems in the Humanities and Institute for Informaion Sciences and Security (RSUH) participated in this project. During two months the students of RSUH had the opportunity to attend this unique course of lectures on artifitial intelligence, delivered by eminent experts in artifitial inteliligence and robotics from all over the world. 


Within this year's Koān projects RSUH was represented by Elena Okhapkina, senior teacher from the Department for Mathematical Methods of Data Processing, Intitute for Information Sciences and Technologies (RSUH). Together with a team of international students she presented an excellent project on “Swiss Robots” with adaptive morphology”.

"ShanghAI Lectures" is annually organized at RSUH since 2010 by the director of the Centre for Cognitive Programmes and Technologies, Dr. Prof. Vera Zabotkina. 

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