The lecture of the renowned Dutch linguist Teun A. van Dijk "Discourse and Knowledge" took place

Russian State University for the Humanities
Center for Cognitive Programs and Technologies

RSUH administration and Center for Cognitive Programs and Technologies organized a lecture of famous Dutch linguist, Teun A. van Dijk. The lecture took place on April 13, 2013 at 2 p.m. in the Academic council hall of RSUH. Teun A. van Dijk is an expert in sociolinguistics and cognitive research, one of the brightest representatives of critical discourse analysis. The topic of the lecture was "Discourse and Knowledge".

After the lecture Teun van Dijk told about his new book "Discourse and Knowledge" and summarized the results of his research for this multidiscpliinary study. The book is to be published in Cambridge University Press Publishing. He proposed a new, relativist and naturalistic approach to knowledge, which he described as beliefs shared and justfied by the criteria of an epistemic community. He summarized how knowledge is involved in the cognitive processes of discourse production and comprehension, and how knowledge as a form of social cognition, just like attitudes and ideologies is shared in a sociocultural epistemic community or in specific social groups, for instance through epistemic institutions such as schools and the mass media. Since knowledge depends on the criteria of epistemic communities, an anthropological approach studies the cultural variation of knowledge(s) across the world. Finally, the linguistic and discourse analytical approach to knowledge goes beyond the usual study of the expression or presupposition of knowledge in sentences - as is the case for the study of topic and focus, evidentials, modalities or presuppositions — and details how knowledge is managed in discourse for the establishment of global (discursive) topic and focus, local and global coherence, various kinds of description, granularity, and many other properties of knowledge based on the expression of semantic situation models controlled by pragmatic context models.

After the lecture professor van Dijk presented the book "Discourse and Power. ". The book was translated into Russian and published in URSS publishing house (2013). Now it is on sale and is available for scholars and general public.

The lecture and presentation gathered linguistic elite of Moscow and the whole Russia; there were attendees from 15 regions of Russian Federation (Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk, Perm, Yaroslavl, Tyumen, Samara, Belgorod, etc.), as well as from Ukraine (Kiev).

Comments on the event

"I was delighted with the lecture. Teun van Dijk is a remarkable speaker. He supports the content with very expressive gestures. His statements are accurate."
Igor Sharonov, Prof. Dr., Dean of theoretical and applied linguistics faculty, Head of Russian language studies department, RSUH

"I want to express how highly I appreciate this event. I consider Teun van Dijk's presentation at RSUH to be an event of great importance. I'm proud to ha ve an opportunity to listen to the outstanding linguist of the present within the walls of Alma mater. I can now estimate his role and weight in modern linguistics even higher since I've witnessed depth of his knowledge expressed in his manner of presentation.
I want to thank RSUH administration and the Cognitive Center director Vera Zabotkina in particular for the organization of this event! After such an event, we would like a continuation. Such an intellectual feast!
The idea of inviting T. van Dijk was remarkable. Thanks!"
Olga Sudakova, PhD in Philology, RSUH

"It was a pleasant lecture, so convincing and emotional at the same time! Thanks for the invitation!"
Ekaterina Golubkova, Prof. Dr., Moscow State Linguistic University and colleagues

"I congratulate you on a great academic event which you've organized and carried out within the walls of RSUH - lecture of Teun van Dijk. Many thanks!"
Natalia Reinhold, Prof. Dr., Head of translation and interpretation department, RSUH

"I am very grateful to Prof. V. Zabotkina for the invitation to the lecture. I've realized that presentations on skills and competences for university lecturers aren't of particular interest any more, and this one was a real pleasure. This academic event at RSUH brought together leading figures in linguistics and other branches of humanities, who I couldn't even dream to meet."
Lubov Kulik, PhD in Philology, Head of the English language department, Scholl of Economics, Lomonosov Moscow State University

"Let me once again express the words of sincere gratitude for a highly professional organization of Prof. Teun van Dijk's lecture and the presentation of his book "Discourse and Power"
Nadezda Greidina, Prof. Dr., editor-in-chief of international journal "Global Media", co-chair of Russian Communication Association

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