2016 International Scientific Conference "Cognitive Technologies in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics"

On September 22 – 24, the International Scientific conference “Cognitive Technologies in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics” took place at Tyumen State University. More than 250 scientists fr om 56 regions of the Russian Federation and from foreign countries took part in the conference (among them, Peter Stockwell (Nottingham University, United Kingdom), Francisco Jose Ruiz de Mendoza (La Rioja University, Spain), Radoslaw Gajda (Krakow University, Poland), as well as representatives from China, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan).

Within the plenary meeting "Theoretical and methodological problems of cognitive linguistics at the present stage", the report "World – Knowledge – Discourse: to the Question of Two Levels of Representation" was presented by the Vice-Rector for International Cooperation, Director of the REC for Cognitive Programs and Technologies, Zabotkina Vera Ivanovna.

This conference carries on the long tradition of holding international conferences and congresses on cognitive linguistics in Russia, which invariably represent an influential forum for discussing topical issues of the study of language and thinking interaction, as well as in an interdisciplinary aspect, in Russian and international linguistic world.

The materials of the conference are presented in the next issue of the scientific books "Cognitive Studies of the Language", which is included in the list of peer-reviewed scientific publications wh ere the main scientific results of dissertations for obtaining the scientific degree of a candidate of sciences and of Doctor of Sciences are published. In this issue, V. I. Zabotkina's article "World – Knowledge – Discourse: to the Question of Two Levels of Representation" has been published. The article deals with the relationship between the real world and its representation both in terms of the structures of knowledge (mental models) and in discourse. The article written within the framework of a new interdisciplinary model of knowledge generation and transfer, which is heteroarchic and heterogeneous by nature and is determined by the social context.

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