International conference “Integrated Approach to the Problem of Knowledge Representation: Cognitive Perspective”

The problem of knowledge representation is central in human cognition studies; it is characterized by the complexity and multifaceted consideration in each of the cognitive cycle sciences: psychology, linguistics, neuroscience, the study of artificial intelligence, philosophy, culture, theory of learning. The conference aims to organize interaction between different disciplines related to single sciences of the cognitive cycle. The mutual understanding that scientists will reach during the discussions will aim to solve the problems of knowledge representation at a new, higher integrative level.
The conference will run for two days focusing on the following areas:
1. Methodologically-centered problems of knowledge representation.
2. Knowledge representation in cognitive psychology.
3. Knowledge representation in artificial intelligence.
4. Knowledge representation in cognitive linguistics.
5. Knowledge representation in cognitive history.
6. Knowledge representation and modern learning theories.
7. Interdisciplinary links and integrated approach to the problem of knowledge representation.
Russian and foreign leading experts in the field of cognitive sciences will take part in the conference. Among them: B.M. Velichkovsky (Russia), T.V. Chernigovskaya (Russia); A.O. Chubaryan (Russia), V.Z. Demyankov (Russia);V.I. Zabotkina (Russia), E. Pöppel (Germany); D. Bottineau (France); T. Gergely (Hungary), J. Vasbinder (Singapore).
We invite you to participate in the conference!

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